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Addison Michael writes riveting, character-driven stories heavy in suspense with a focus on the intriguing motivations that make a person a murderer.

Addison grew up in a home where rules were not meant to be broken. As such, she was the "goodest" of the “goody two shoes” around. At 16, she survived a deadly head-on car collision. With a twinge of survivor's guilt, she developed a morbid fascination with who lives and who dies.

Being the oldest of six siblings forced Addison to lead by example. Her golden reputation solidified well into her thirties. But every good girl needs to have an outlet. Behind every smile and sweet comment, there is a dark side waiting to emerge. Addison Michael found the outlet for her dark side writing thrillers. She has an uncanny ability to step outside herself and create believable characters who navigate unbelievable circumstances involving murder, mystery, secrets, and suspense.



One phone call changes her life forever. Her mother has been murdered. Paige Deffer fears she might be next.

Paige always knew something was off about her mom. Now she knows the truth. Her mom wasn’t who she said she was. A truth Paige never wanted to admit but knew deep in her heart. She knew because she covered her mom’s tracks to stay one step ahead of the authorities. As her truth unravels around her, Paige discovers her mom isn’t the only one who is hiding her true identity. Her boyfriend isn’t who he says he is either. The more secrets, lies, and murders that are revealed, the more Paige must delve into her hidden psyche to discover who she really is. When people from her mother’s past start showing up, Paige must discern who she can trust before it’s too late. Will Paige unveil the secrets about what comes before dawn before she suffers the same fate as her mother?

What Comes Before Dawn is Book 1 in A Mynart Mystery Thriller psychological suspense series with paranormal elements. If you like surprising plot twists, a wonderful blend of intrigue and reflection, and engaging thriller, you’ll love the first story in Addison Michael’s page-turning series.

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Paige Deffer is on the run and alone, leaving two men for dead at the Mynart Murder House. The only thing that matters more than her own survival is the life of her child.

To redeem her bad choices, Paige takes a job in the most unlikely place of all, the Police Service of Winnipeg. As she helps the police hunt down killers, Paige finds herself haunted by the ghosts of her past and struggles to adapt to her new life. Meanwhile, she reunites with James, a handsome friend from her childhood. She quickly wonders if she can trust someone new with her secrets. When Paige is plagued with a deranged killer who will do anything to stop her from learning his identity, she must fight not only for her life but for the life of her daughter. Will they survive another day when confronted with the Dawn That Brings Death?

Dawn That Brings Death is Book 2 in A Mynart Mystery Thriller psychological suspense series with paranormal elements. If you like unexpected plot twists, intriguing mind games, and an engaging thriller, you’ll love the second story in Addison Michael’s page-turning series.

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Paige Deffer is on her way to prison, facing a lifetime sentence of separation from her daughter. Even in prison, she lives with the threat of a deranged serial killer who wants to exact his revenge. No matter where she is, Paige is not out of his reach.

Meanwhile, the reign of death continues. The body of a beloved friend is found with a knife through her heart. A letter collected at the scene names Paige Mynart as the reason for the gruesome death. Paige is not the only one who underestimated the killer’s reach and power. Time is running out and her life is not her own. Despite extra precautions to protect her, Paige knows she’s not safe. How many more people will he kill before she becomes his next victim? Will she live through the Truth That Dawns?

Truth That Dawns is Book 3 in A Mynart Mystery Thriller psychological suspense series with paranormal elements. If you like shocking plot twists, intriguing yet unreliable characters, and a thrilling story, you’ll love the third story in Addison Michael’s page-turning series.

Pick up Truth That Dawns to discover this unputdownable new series today!
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20 Books Vegas 2021 Book Signing

Wow, Vegas is a trip. I had never been. While it's true I spent most of my days learning how to be a better writer and how to market my books to increase fans, I got to wander outside during the nights. Fremont street, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Stratosphere Observation Deck were "over the top." We (me and the hubs) enjoyed ourselves and will see you next year in Vegas for 20 Books to 50K 2022!
Fall festival book signing

Fall Festival Book Signing

I had so much fun at the Schofield & Gray Fall Festival this past weekend.

Thank you so much to the community for embracing one of your own local authors.

I met some amazing people in my own backyard. I loved hearing your stories about what you read and why. To the fourteen-year-old, keep writing. Your dream will come true some day!

I sold out of books and had to leave an hour early! Thanks for the warm welcome!
Killer thriller panel

Killer Thriller Writer's Conference

Had an amazing time at Killer Thriller Writer's Conference! I was honored to be on a panel called "Moving the Story Forward through Dialogue." Then we had the Book Signing. I met multiple talented authors including JT Ellison, Georgina Cross, Angela Crook, Linda Sands, LT Whitaker, and Jacob Moon. I learned a lot such as "Fast is slow and slow is fast," said LT Whitaker.

Can't wait for next year!
Ky3 interview

KY3 Interview

Thank you to KY3 TV for this interview and dramatic look into my path to becoming a writer. I have to hand it to KY3, this is a lot of TV magic and dramatization of my story. But what fun! I never knew my life could be so interesting. Thank you to Melanie Steen and the crew for asking me some hard questions and bringing my story to life!
Book signing

Sleuth Ink Book Signing

Had a great time with the Sleuth Ink Book Signing. We invited the community to come out and it was a lot of fun to meet people who love to read and support local authors. Looking forward to the next one!
Ozarks live with joy

Ozarks Live Interview

I was so excited to meet our local celebrity, Joy Robertson. Ozark's Live invited me on to talk about "What Comes Before Dawn." It was so fun and she did a great job making me feel welcome and comfortable on set. Let me know what you guys think! Ozarks Live TV Interview
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Book Signing Release Party

The book release party for "What Comes Before Dawn" was a success! I was so excited to see so many of my supporters come out for the event. Stayed tuned for book signings or bookstore sightings coming soon!
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Pages & Pie Popup Event

I was so excited to be out in public again! We had so much fun at the Pages & Pie Pop Up at Pythian Castle. We went on a ghost tour afterwards.

Hope to catch you at the next Pages & Pie Pop Up. Stay tuned, you never know where it will pop up next.


Every dysfunctional adult has deep-seated issues that stem from their past. Paige Deffer is no different. Now you can read the story that started it all.
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