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Lit Fest at Farmer's Park

This was a nice last-minute event that popped up and I was happy to be invited. Our local Farmer's Park Farmer's Market is classy, active, and eclectic. They have a range of products from veggies to meat to baked goods. This weekend, they featured local book authors. It was fun to get out in the community and talk to the people who love to support local authors. I appreciate you and thank you to all who stopped by to say "hello."
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Bookmarx Book Signing

I had a great time at this local town bookstore signing books at the First Friday Art Walk. It was a great turnout. A special thanks to Squash, the cat, who made this a truly unique event. He made it known that this was his event and he was allowing me to be there with him.
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Around the Ozarks Local Interview

Check out this local Ozarks radio show Around the Ozarks Radio Interview. I talk about my four-book series and my writing process. 

Book 1 - What Comes Before Dawn

Book 2 - Dawn That Brings Death

Book 3 - Truth That Dawn

Book 4 - Dawn That Breaks - Coming Soon
Barnes noble

Barnes & Noble Summer Book Signing 2022 

This book signing was unique and special because it was hosted by my hometown Barnes & Noble. Not only were they warm and supportive, the town came out to say hello and purchase books. I also had some great conversations with other local writers and artists. I love when we support local. Thank you, Springfield!
20 books   me book signing

20 Books Vegas 2021 Book Signing

Wow, Vegas is a trip. I had never been. While it's true I spent most of my days learning how to be a better writer and how to market my books to increase fans, I got to wander outside during the nights. Fremont street, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Stratosphere Observation Deck were "over the top." We (me and the hubs) enjoyed ourselves and will see you next year in Vegas for 20 Books to 50K 2022!
Fall festival book signing

Fall Festival Book Signing

I had so much fun at the Schofield & Gray Fall Festival this past weekend.

Thank you so much to the community for embracing one of your own local authors.

I met some amazing people in my own backyard. I loved hearing your stories about what you read and why. To the fourteen-year-old, keep writing. Your dream will come true some day!

I sold out of books and had to leave an hour early! Thanks for the warm welcome!
Killer thriller panel

Killer Thriller Writer's Conference 2021

Had an amazing time at Killer Thriller Writer's Conference! I was honored to be on a panel called "Moving the Story Forward through Dialogue." Then we had the Book Signing. I met multiple talented authors including JT Ellison, Georgina Cross, Angela Crook, Linda Sands, LT Whitaker, and Jacob Moon. I learned a lot such as "Fast is slow and slow is fast," said LT Whitaker.

Can't wait for next year!
Ky3 interview

KY3 Interview

Thank you to KY3 TV for this interview and dramatic look into my path to becoming a writer. I have to hand it to KY3, this is a lot of TV magic and dramatization of my story. But what fun! I never knew my life could be so interesting. Thank you to Melanie Steen and the crew for asking me some hard questions and bringing my story to life!
Book signing

Sleuth Ink Book Signing

Had a great time with the Sleuth Ink Book Signing. We invited the community to come out and it was a lot of fun to meet people who love to read and support local authors. Looking forward to the next one!
Ozarks live with joy

Ozarks Live Interview

I was so excited to meet our local celebrity, Joy Robertson. Ozark's Live invited me on to talk about "What Comes Before Dawn." It was so fun and she did a great job making me feel welcome and comfortable on set. Let me know what you guys think! Ozarks Live TV Interview
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Book Signing Release Party

The book release party for "What Comes Before Dawn" was a success! I was so excited to see so many of my supporters come out for the event. Stayed tuned for book signings or bookstore sightings coming soon!
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Pages & Pie Popup Event

I was so excited to be out in public again! We had so much fun at the Pages & Pie Pop Up at Pythian Castle. We went on a ghost tour afterwards.

Hope to catch you at the next Pages & Pie Pop Up. Stay tuned, you never know where it will pop up next.